Who says a digitization project also means communication


While the safeguarding of archival records is essential, their promotion and diffusion are also vital. To approach this task, we communicated internally to make the project known, to bring visibility to it and to reveal UNESCO's unique content, history, and actions to those working at the heart of the Organization.

The project's main advantage is that the digitization laboratory is located on site, at UNESCO's headquarters in Paris. The only inconvenience is that the lab is in the basement, and to account for this, we concocted a communication strategy to spark curiosity and encourage visitors to come visit the laboratory.

And what could be better than making use of our own archival materials for such communication? Images of the past that are echoes of what we are currently trying to accomplish: preparing, digitizing, promoting, and disseminating UNESCO's documentary heritage.


Maëva Nguyen, Digitization Project Assistant

Translation by M. Shields, Intern




Generous support for this project has been provided by the People of Japan


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