Digitization project kicks off


In 2018, the UNESCO Archives launched a digitization effort to safeguard and highlight UNESCO's own documentary heritage. This unprecedented two-year project is an important step in making the unique archives and its historical audiovisual collections more accessible and more widely known to researchers and the public at large. Among the content being digitized are the archives of the International Institute of Intellectual Cooperation (IICI), one of UNESCO's predecessors. The IICI archives were inscribed on the UNESCO Memory of the World Register in 2017.


Project Moves Full Steam Ahead 

In February, after months of preparation of the collections and future work-space, the UNESCO Archives installed a digitization laboratory on-site at its Headquarters in Paris. Piece by piece, over the course of two weeks, three workstations for the incoming imaging operators were assembled. The installation work is highlighted in the timelapse video included above. It's not a simple thing to sum up all the preparation required for a year and half of hard work, bringing together paper archives and multi-format audiovisual collections. Month by month, step by step, a major part of the history of UNESCO will pass through the hands of the digitization team.


Dynamic and Motivated Team

The project manager, coordinator and assistants from UNESCO all have important roles to play in ensuring that this rich and exciting project runs smoothly and will be successful in the end. Complimenting the crew from UNESCO are a team of five technical operators and a quality control supervisor brought on board by our service provider to digitize and check the over 1 million digital objects to be created by the project.


For more information or to contribute to this project, please contact the UNESCO Archives.


Maëva Nguyen, Digitization Project Assistant

Translation by M. Shields, Intern



Generous support for this project has been provided by the People of Japan


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