European Heritage Days  


  For the first time since its creation, UNESCO Headquarters opened its doors on the occasion of the European Heritage Days on 15 and 16 September 2018. With the team of the project "Digitizing our shared UNESCO history", we have integrated the Heritage Lab, a group of actors working at the intersection of cultural professions and new technologies to preserve, enhance and promote heritage.  

  It was also an opportunity to present the project to the general public. We were able to preview a selection of digitized films as well as an overview of the paper, photographic and video collections available online on our promotional platform. Until now, we had promoted the project almost exclusively internally. These European Heritage Days allowed us to share the project with the general public and with other professionals close to our sector of activity.  

  After two intense days, we crossed the road of 11,500 visitors. We were delighted with the public's curiosity and enthusiasm for UNESCO's history and actions. We would like to thank all of you for your interest and positive feedback on the digitization project that we have been carrying out for several months.  


The adventure continues....  


Maëva Nguyen, Digitization Project Assistant



Generous support for this project has been provided by the People of Japan


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