Preparing the International Institute of Intellectual Cooperation Collection


With the Lab equipment installed and the team assembled, the digitization project began in earnest. Preparing the collections was the first, necessary step.


The preparation stage was a great opportunity to assess the conservation needs of our collections. Old archival boxes were replaced with new, robust ones. Damaging items like staples were removed from paper records. Barcodes were applied to connect physical documents to their electronic counterpart within UNESCO's archival database, AtoM.


The first collection to pass through the hands of the technicians was the Institute of Intellectual Cooperation (IIIC).  The collection, which totals 115 linear meters of textual material, is a vital part of UNESCO's history, and marks an early step in the post-war promotion of international cultural and intellectual exchange. In 2017, the collection was inscribed on the UNESCO Memory of the World Register.


Meghan Shields, Intern




Generous support for this project has been provided by the People of Japan


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