the human face of migration

"Migration promotes economic growth, dynamic societies and tolerance. They offer an opportunity to millions of people seeking a better life, and benefit both origin and destination communities. " - António Guterres, UN Secretary General


On the occasion of International Migrants Day on 18 December 2018, let us look back in images at this theme, which was addressed by the photographer Jean Mohr in 1976. Commissioned by UNESCO, he travelled to France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom to capture these moments of life and give an objective account of the situation of migrants at that time. 


These men, women and children have very often fled the war, poverty and insecurity that prevailed in their original countries. In these three host countries, they have found a refuge, a place to learn and work. In this sense, they have taken a step towards freedom, to find or regain a daily life.



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Maëva Nguyen, Digitization Project Assistant



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