Search Tips

This website uses the Solr search engine. Solr supports term modifiers for making wildcard and fuzzy searches.


Wildcard Searches

Solr supports single and multiple character wildcard searches within single terms. Wildcard characters can be applied to single terms, but not to search phrases.

Using ?

To perform a wildcard search for a single character (matches a single character), use the question mark ? symbol. For example, the search string te?t would match both test and text.

Using *

To perform a wildcard search for multiple characters (matches zero or more sequential characters), use the asterisk * symbol. For example, the wildcard search: tes* would match test, testing, and tester. You can also use wildcard characters in the middle of a term. For example: te*t would match test and text. *est would match pest and test.


Fuzzy Searches

Solr also supports fuzzy searches. Fuzzy searches discover terms that are similar to a specified term without necessarily being an exact match.

Using ~

To perform a fuzzy search, use the tilde ~ symbol at the end of a single-word term. For example, to search for a term similar in spelling to "roam" use the fuzzy search:


This search will match terms like roams, foam, and foams. It will also match the word "roam" itself.

An optional distance parameter specifies the maximum number of edits allowed, between 0 and 2, defaulting to 2. For example:


This will match terms like roams & foam - but not foams since it has an edit distance of "2".






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